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What is IDD Therapy® Treatment?

Intervertebral Differential Dynamics (IDD) Therapy is a precise, computer-controlled, advanced form of spinal decompression therapy used to open the disc space between targeted vertebrae to alleviate the pain caused by disc compression and degeneration. Compressed discs (also known as bulging, slipped, ruptured, prolapsed, or herniated discs) are the root cause of many issues that affect our bodies – not just the neck and back, but also arms, legs, and extremities.

Using IDD Therapy, your clinician is able to isolate the affected spinal segment. Gentle, dynamic movements (oscillation) are applied to the targeted area, first mobilizing the joint and reducing muscle spasm.
A herniated disc is when disc material protrudes outside the disc wall pinching a nerve or causing pain. During each IDD Therapy treatment, the space between the vertebra and disc is being increased, relieving disc compression.
Essential disc fluid, blood and nutrients are drawn in supporting cell regeneration and disc health. Gradually the protrusion can shrink, even disappear. With each subsequent session, tissues heal, disc height increases and spinal mobility returns. As structures improve, good spinal function can be restored and dramatic pain relief experienced.

IDD Therapy treatment is ONLY administered using the Accu SPINA system. Both IDD Therapy and the Accu-SPINA were developed and advanced by neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, PTs, and other healthcare professionals, for the non-surgical resolution of back and neck pain. After decades of use, and millions of treatments, we are proud to say that IDD Therapy has maintained an exemplary safety record and outstanding success rates.

View doctor & patient testimonials: www.IDDTherapy.com/testimonials.

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What are the goals of IDD Therapy® Treatment?

  • Improve the health of the intervertebral disc.
  • Rehabilitate and re-educate supporting soft tissues.
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Before and After IDD Therapy®
57-Year-Old Male with Herniated Disc (Spine)

Left: Before IDD Therapy®

Circle denotes significant disc herniation protruding aggressively into the spinal canal.

Right: After IDD Therapy®

Same area, bulge is now significantly reduced and no longer imposing into the spinal canal.

IDD Therapy treatment before and after patient MRI with herniated disc.

Overview of an IDD Therapy® Session

During an IDD Therapy treatment session, the technician will assist you with putting on 2 stabilization harnesses, one pelvic and one upper body.

The treatment table will be moved to a vertical position for you to easily get onto the table. The bed will then be gently lowered into the treatment position. Pillow bolsters and supports will be placed under your arms and knees to ensure proper treatment position and to increase comfort and safety. The technician will input treatment information into the computer and the treatment will begin. Make sure you go to the restroom before the harnesses are applied.

The technician will monitor the treatment and ensure treatment is progressing correctly. If you feel the urge to cough or sneeze or if the treatment becomes too uncomfortable to bear, press the “Stop Session” switch immediately.

After the IDD Therapy® treatment, the table will slowly be brought back to the vertical position again.

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